[T-4] Products TESLA 5G Large Oyster House Kit Package (savings $565) FREE POSTAGE

[T-4] Products TESLA 5G Large Oyster House Kit Package (savings $565) FREE POSTAGE

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After much research and development there is an answer to our polluted EMF (invisible electric and magnetic fields) radiating away from man-made AC current atmosphere we know as electricity. We call it the 5G HOUSE KIT that is a combination of TESLA’s products put together to assist clients cover their house, car, phones, water and bodies in TESLA’s products clearing the Geopathic Stress at an affordable price to improve health, productivity and relationships.

To encourage our clients to take care of all their home and family bio-energy needs, TESLA offers this package at a 20 % discount, all in a useful carry bag.


The 5G LARGE Oyster House Kit consists of: 

4 Phone Tags                     2 Adult Pendants        1 Pocket Plate             1 Car Plate

1 large Oyster                   1 Water Kit                 1 Electron Stabilizer


The products offered by TESLA are used by many practitioners (Naturopaths, Vets, Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Kinesiologists, Chi-Gong and Bowen Practitioners). Most use our full range of products to help de-stress their patients, themselves and their environment. There is ongoing research and development with this technology in keeping with customer’s needs and experiences.

No healing properties are claimed for any of TESLA’s Innovational Technology products, but in providing an energetically improved environment. A person currently receiving treatment from their practitioner should find the treatment enhanced or more effective.

These products are not listed as therapeutic and are in no way promoted as curative. Any recurring ill-health symptoms should be discussed with your health practitioner.


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