[T-6] Products TESLA - Large Tesla Plates (multiple options)
[T-6] Products TESLA - Large Tesla Plates (multiple options)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [T-6] Products TESLA - Large Tesla Plates (multiple options)

[T-6] Products TESLA - Large Tesla Plates (multiple options)

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As 70 % of the available energy of all Tesla Plates is emitted from the concave side and only 30 % from the dome (pyramidal) side, the quickest and best results will always come from the concave side.

The vibrational signature of the metal (Titanium) has been varied for each plate so that the product acts as a transceiver of specific photons, packets of light carrying energy. Each plate has a different basic function according to size and the harmonics of its shape. If the plate is positioned correctly (not on anything metallic) it helps negate some of the adverse biological effects of man-made EMF’s and works with other areas of you.



Produces a bubble of energy which helps counteract Geopathic Stress

Option 1: ​House Plate Large $535

The bubble’s influence stretches approximately 1 and ½ acres plus 15 meters from the concave side and 5 meters from the dome side. Many practitioners have found the House Plate invaluable in their practice. The plate may also be used to energise reflex points on the body and to ‘clean’ the auric field of a person, or clear a room of uncomfortable energies.

Dulwich Health Society (UK) have checked 25,000 people with health problems and found underground Geopathic Stress such as Ley Lines, Vortexes and Energy Wheels. Geopathic Stress was found in 95 % of cancer sufferers, 95 % hyperactive children, 80 % of miscarriages.

  • 14-sided unit 140 mm x 1.5 mm thick area of influence 1 km radius
  • Octagonal unit 142 mm x 1.5 mm thick area of influence 1 km radius

Option 2: 5G Oyster Small Size $535

  • Covers approximately 1+ acre – area of influence 1 km radius.
  • It is made from 2 fourteen sided plates, especially produced to work in multistory buildings.
  • The energy from this device covers 6 floors up and 6 floors down.

Option 3: 5G Oyster Large Farm Plate $1,030 

  • The energy bubble covers 30+ acres. 
  • This particular configuration is especially designed to be used on large properties.  
  • Some farmers have reported growing larger healthier plants with less water.

This large oyster is made from 2 large 14-sided plates and produces a specific energy (non-Hertzian) that makes the frequencies from Mobile Phone Towers (Microwave), Satellites, Radar and high voltage power lines bio-compatible. The unit also helps plants and animal life within its field of influence. Farm Plate owners reported that plant growth increases and dormant fruit trees begin to bear fruit again. Domestic animals appear calmer and wild animals and birds have been noted as returning in increasing numbers. 

Option 4: Computer Plate $135

  • 70 mm x 1 mm thick, 8-sided plate field of influence approx 1 metre. 
  • The Computer Plate is a small octagonal plate that was developed to work specifically with computer screens and other uses, like help speeding the healing process of cuts, bruises and minor burns/scalds, or improve the taste of water.
  • It helps relieve minor pain from headaches, insect bites, scuffed knees and bumps. The Computer Plate also helps alter the stress coming from Wi-Fi or other wireless game machines.
  • The proprietary energy matrix involved with these plates and their harmonics of their shape has helped produce this custom built device.
  • Many computer operators often complain about eyestrain and fatigue after extended time working at their computer and found the plate negated those problems. 

 Option 5: Pocket Plate $115 

  • 65 mm x 1 mm thick, 14-sided plate field of influence approx. 1 meter
  • The 60x60 mm Travel Plate was developed to calm the bio-energetic system and other uses. This plate is very much heart connected, and for this reason can be worn in a shirt pocket (or in a side pocket of pants), with concave side facing into the body.
  • This proprietary energy matrix involved with these plates has helped produce a versatile device.
  • Many people use these plates to alter the taste of drinking water, wine etc.
  • And some people feel the plate has helped alleviate minor pain, like headaches, insect bites, scuffed knee and bumps and speed the heeling process of cuts, bruises and minor burns/scalds.