Book 2 - Science of Life Author Marianne Winter FREE POSTAGE

Book 2 - Science of Life Author Marianne Winter FREE POSTAGE

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Self Healing Manual for Body Mind and Soul
By Marianne Winter
Cost: Aus $ 20                  (Ebook is scheduled for 2021 Aus $ 7)                       



This book is printed on A4 paper and is coil bound. The Self Healing Manual for Body, Mind and Soul.

Healing is a personal journey and knowledge dispels fear. The manual contains all the fundamental knowledge about energy anatomy and the chakra system, step by step maintenance for the subtle auric field, as well as choices for personal growth. It presents extensive material as support for the journey within and supports positive shifts in consciousness and behaviour.

We have chosen this life time at a challenging time which can provide us with great opportunities for growth. The dimensional shift is difficult to comprehend and the physical body has never before experienced such rapid states of changes and transmutation in search of balance. To be able to heal ourselves we need firstly understand how our body works and what impact thoughts have on our physical well-being. We are responsible for creating the body we live in; what we have created can also be changed.

Personal relationships, work satisfaction, spiritual growth, and social harmony are all linked to mind and body very intimately. This book will hopefully give some answers to the seeker and shed some light on the area of the spiritual anatomy and the etheric heart, which is at the moment so confused, especially when the greater overall picture is not known. Self knowledge is the means by which one understands ones own nature and essence and its connection to the cosmos.

“Even though I have done years of extensive research on the subject, Body / Mind Connection, I do not feel that we ever will gain all the knowledge. The process is one of self-discovery, a true intent of studying and mastering the Science of Life”.

Marianne Winter

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