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Book 3 - Sacred Journey Home FREE POSTAGE

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Mankind’s Quest on Earth – Evolution into the Age of Light
By Marianne Winter
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This book describes the coming of the perfect race to our planet and man’s physical tenure on Earth. The story of creation is based on very ancient texts and newly discovered evidence of lost continents, civilizations and the evolution of humanity. In three major parts and simple steps I have presented the project galactic human on Earth.

In my endeavour to provide the readers with a compelling compilation of information, I have gathered from reputable authors and various experts about the purpose of life here on Earth, our inherent connectedness and oneness with the cosmos, the divine plan for creation and how the ‘fall’ in consciousness required the eternal salvation of this race by the Office of the Christ through the Program Israel with the Jerusalem Command.

As I have discovered, true religion is living by the Law of One of very early humans who followed the Law of the Creator; a natural universal law not man-made. It is not found in any one religion but is a transcendence of all creeds, dogmas, and scriptures. Over the ages, the law has been distorted by the interpretations of the human mind and ego so that they falsely identified themselves as ‘chosen’ ones over others.

In my extensive research I have pieced together, how various root-races were introduced from higher realms at different stages through millennia to give the physical seeded body Adam the opportunity to experience and co-create in this biochemical testing zone for the Father’s house of many mansions through choice and free will.

The soul’s longing is fulfilled after uncountable impulses for transformation of the human psyche over the ages and the transition from the Adam Kadmon of the Alpha Cycle into Homo luminous, the Adam Kadmon of the Omega Cycle of consciousness with a diamond imperishable body – the ultimate alchemy of the soul to evolve.

“I have compiled this work for the reader to tap into Universal Laws, to recognize that these laws are unto themselves and govern energy and matter and are the foundation of all science and religion. The Law of Creation was taught for thousands of years in Ancient Mystery Schools to exercise responsible choices.”

Marianne Winter

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