Book 1 - Alchemy of the Soul - Author Marianne Winter FREE POSTAGE

Book 1 - Alchemy of the Soul - Author Marianne Winter FREE POSTAGE

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Author Delivers Book of New Age Philosophical Ideas
A new book that describes shifts in humanity’s existence and experience.

 A window of opportunity has opened for humanity while moving into the Golden Age of Light for the next one thousand years. Through the cosmic infusion of light that stars and planetary astrological formation have created on earth, certain crystal geometric gridding within the etheric level of the body and planet will be electronically charged for the transition into Homo luminous, the Adam Kadmon with a diamond imperishable body.

The author sets out to provide readers with a compelling compilation of information she has gathered from reputable authors and various experts about the purpose of life, our inherent oneness, and the divine plan for creation. True religion, she argues, is not found in any one religion but is a transcendence of all creeds, dogmas, and scriptures.

According to the author, we are experiencing a dimensional shift of sorts on earth, and the information the book provides will help us navigate this shift with confidence and joy. Among the various lessons the author offers is an explanation of a divinely orchestrated alchemical process that created our galaxy through the higher crystal frequency of sound and light, and our intimate connection to the cosmos for the transition into Adam Kadmon reality, the ultimate alchemy of the soul to evolve.

The book describes the journey of the soul descending through the dimensions into the Milky Way galaxy to participate in the evolutionary process of planet earth. The same forces that created the universe propel our life force and alchemical make-up which is connected via the essence and the technology of the etheric body and is sustained by earth’s energy grid – the Global Grid Matrix.

Photon emission of high cosmic frequency light from the galactic centre is dispersed into the physical anatomy via the crystalline structure of the bioplasmic body. Biomedicine views the human body as a vibratory continuum – the interwoven, living matrix – acting as an interconnected communication system with the entire cosmos.

The recently found web of dark (invisible) matter filaments in space suggest that the earth acts as an intermediary brain through this bioplasmic sphere extending as ley-lines and vortexes into our own energy channels. It is proposing that the biological brain is supported by an invisible super structure which is directing consciousness and the birth into a new reality of oneness at Zero point, soon enabling us to enter worlds with different frequencies and dimensions.

The science of immortality and organized soul passage was known to the Adamic line as the secret transmutation of light through the quality of time according to the plan of creation. They practiced co-creation through the ancient geometry of the Flower of Life that contains the Tree of Life, and the concept of the Merkaba. Encoded from the ignorant, it became the inner secret and the impulse of esoteric societies to evolve, and through the ages it was hunted as the Holy Grail.

The soul’s longing is fulfilled after uncountable impulses for the evolution and transformation of the human psyche over the ages. We can evolve with skilful means into Homo luminous, the diamond imperishable body, if we possess the secret to a model of space-time, involving the proper golden-age alignment of inner and outer realities and the marker of the exact time period when these intrusions of time will be played out in the sky.

The author urges that we as human light beings assimilate and utilize these powerful emanations that are offered to us at this time. Ascension is the integration of spirit and matter, a method of consciously moving from one world into another, taking our body with us. When the sacred science of alchemy is mastered, the initiation to become an ascended master opens up the spiritual path for the soul to experience the Golden Age of Light according to the plan of creation.

“Humanity will be shifting along with the earth into its next stage of evolution,” says Anne Maria Winter. “We are fulfilling our agreement of being here now and helping in the awakening process into the Golden Age of Light.”

Marianne Winter (Aka Anne Marie Winter)

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