Life Coaching ·  1 Day Workshop
Life Coaching ·  1 Day Workshop
Life Coaching ·  1 Day Workshop
Life Coaching ·  1 Day Workshop
Life Coaching ·  1 Day Workshop
Life Coaching ·  1 Day Workshop
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Life Coaching · 1 Day Workshop

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Topic: Thought Creates Reality
Unleashing the hidden aspects of your Personality 
Our inward world guides our life….  How we feel determines our decisions


I have studied human behaviour and observed that most people live only in the memory consciousness and cannot achieve their future goals. On a journey of self-discovery explore your unique personality and gain an insight into how mental and emotional conditioning has determined the outcomes of your present situation and how you make changes to achieve future desired goals.

As energetic beings, we operate on many levels encompassing subtle domains of the body. Discover how the dynamics of thoughts can change the body’s natural balance – either to ease or dis-ease – it is in your hands how to shape your life.  I would like to show you this life-changing Creative Process that is a natural law of your being so you can attract to you what you desire.  

In a relaxed situation, we look into the deeper aspects of human potential, mostly unrealized, by using the subconscious mind to manifest your preferred life. I will explain the body/mind connection and its impact on success, inner peace and well-being so you can exercise choices guided by your inner awareness. Experience a new feeling that comes over you as Enthusiasm.

 Thought is a vibration to bring on an action. You implant a new idea or a new plan towards a goal that is held in your inner vision – at this level, anything can be changed. Skills are being offered to use the power of the mind in a correct way to change undesirable belief patterns or inner conflict as they result in stress and pain. I show you how to combine emotions with heart-felt feelings as you activate the functions of the chakras to manifest health and well-being.  

 The training will help you to appreciate and experience your uniqueness so you can feel more comfortable finding your own expression in your personal life and work situation. Gaining wisdom through the path within is a vision on how to integrate the care of the body with other dimensions of health and healing to set up the correct frequency for happiness and wellness.  

The coaching dramatically cuts your learning curve and is supported by Marianne's e-book/manual titled Science of Life, a self-healing manual for body, mind and soul, which can be purchased for Aus $ 20. It may assist you as a tool to find the answers within and that by exercising life choices you have the power to create your own reality at any moment.  

The teachings are in context with the latest discoveries of science, medicine and physics, including major philosophical movements throughout history and with contemporary ancient teachings of the world. There will be lectures, group participation followed by reflections on how to take charge to master your own life and help you to create the reality that you desire.

Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

Anyone is invited who desires to master the self and wants to take charge of changing their life.

If you don’t look after your body where are you going to live? 

Workshop Topics:

Learning this life-changing Creative Process will enhance your awareness to effectively tap into your potential in service of your goals, dreams, and what matters most to you. Transform the concept of living the life of your dreams from wishful thinking to a living fact as you go into our mental and emotional conditioning and learn how to make changes through your OWN choices to achieve future desires in a relaxed environment.

  • Discover what has determined the outcomes of your present situation; Experience your unique personality and how it expresses and deals with a new situation.
  • Explore 3 distinct planes of your multidimensional being; The spiritual plane of thoughts; the intellectual plane of ideas; the physical plane of results.
  • Become aware of your past mental and emotional conditioning; Cease permitting your physical world to control your thinking and become a co-creator.
  • Understand stress, pain and inner conflict created by thoughts in motion; Dynamics of thoughts and the impact of emotions through the mind’s unique perception.
  • Become the mental architect of your OWN destiny for happiness and well-being; Change undesirable belief patterns/inner conflict and implement empowering changes. 
  • Use free will and exercise the natural law of vibration and impress your subconscious mind; Be the director of your mind movies and make images to achieve your desired outcome.
  •  (W)holistic healing on all body levels by building bridges to wellness; Attract what you need for the physical manifestation of your desired image of life.

Workshop Outcome: 

Discover a Master Key to Self-Transformation for Wellness through Awareness.

  •  Harmonizing body, mind and emotions after exploring your unique personality
  • New direction, life purpose and peace of mind to move into the desired life style
  • Improved self-image and confidence according to your unique blueprint
  • Mindfully dealing with feelings by tuning into your body’s subtle messages
  • New meaningful and rewarding relationships are being created
  • Enhanced well-being and enjoyment of more satisfaction in life

Enjoy a weekend with like-minded people, while you brush up your skills on how to create health and happiness.

 1 Day – Aus $ 120

  • To arrange your own workshop - a minimum of six participants is required
  • Venue and dates can be arranged on request - please ask for your reward as coordinator