About Marianne Winter

I am Marianne Winter and it is my mission to inspire the seeker to reach their highest potential in Soul Development. I am an author, speaker and founder of the Ancient Wisdom School and my formal studies into the healing of the mind and emotions have been blended with the spiritual aspects of life to allow healing at a core soul level. In taking you on an Inward Journeys I am able to help you opening up a new chapter in your life so you can gain inner contentment.

Let me connect you with your higher side of your being and show you how to work with the power of the mind and direct thoughts to change undesirable belief patterns no longer working, or inner conflict that results in stress and pain. At this level you begin to discover that you are a multidimensional being and anything in the body can be changed to create well-being and happiness.

Experience a new feeling that comes over you as Enthusiasm!

As a Body/Mind Therapist and Transformational Life Coach I have trained extensively in many fields. Over twenty years of my training career I have studied human behavior and observed that most people live only in the memory consciousness and cannot achieve their future goals. In my Coaching Training I would like to show you the life-changing Creative Process that is a natural law of your being so you can attract to you what you desire.

On a path of continual expansion I have conducted spiritual Spiritual Tours for over 15 years to sacred places all over the world and Mayan and Inca shamans have entrusted me with the wisdom of their ancient cosmology. I devoted time for research into the studies of ancient philosophies and related topics. I inspire you to tap into this ancient wisdom so you can rediscover your connection with the earth and the cosmos by unlashing your hidden aspect of your personality for inner transformation.



In my profession as Reiki Master I am passionate to explain the body/mind connection and give you an opportunity to explore the human energy field and the chakra system and its connection to health and wellness. In a relaxed environment I offer skills on how to integrate the care of the body with other dimensions of health and healing to set up the correct frequency for happiness and well being. You gain a priceless understanding of how you create your own experiences in life.

As a Phosology Consultant (the study of quantum photon energy and light), licensed by TESLAs Innovational Technologies, I offer education on how to counteract geopathic stress and the effect of electricity and assists you with products that provide an energetically improved environment.

I am committed to accelerate your personal growth and aspire to present metaphysical concepts in accordance with the latest discoveries of science, medicine and physics. It is my desire to share what I have learned and I incite your curiosity to discover more about these fascinating subjects in my Manuals: Science of Life; Sacred Journey Home; Gaia-Mother Earth; In the Name of God; Law of One vs. Conspiracy; The Anunna Gods, and my published book: Alchemy of the Soul.

My Travel Books are researches that give a deep insight into the ancient history of the places I have visited when I facilitated my Inward Journeys: Ancient Greece; History of the British Isles; Egyptian Mysteries; Mayan Cosmology; The Andes and Easter Island; South/East and Central Asia.

My hobbies are music, travelling, spiritual development and research of sacred aspects when my energies are blending with the Divine energy. 

Escape from intolerable demands and tune into a place where you reclaim yourself. I hope you can join me on a Journey of Discovery and we look into our heart and discover our Inner Self that needs experiencing joy and happiness.

For more information, please refer to the following:

Marianne Winter

Mobile0407 939 492 



Transformational Life Coach and Trainer

Diploma of Bowen Therapy, BOWTECH, the original Technique

Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy/Skin Care

Diploma of Professional Counselling/Life Coaching

Cert. Australian Bushflower Essences /Tissue Salts

Licensed TESLA Phosology Consultant on EMR/EMF

REIKI Master / Teacher / Healer