Your Authentic Self

Standing up for your principles in an assertive manner allows you to become familiar with your own complexity. It allows you to see ‘your part’ in challenging situations and in uncomfortable disputes and struggles. Consequently, this insight helps you to detach from the need to disapprove of others. You come to accept for who they choose to be, rather than how you would prefer them to be.

 It provides a space for you to remain close to your authentic self, so you can look closely at your values and principles. What do you stand for and belief in? How do you speak up for things that matters in your life. By asking these questions you are able to review what needs to change and which areas could use some attention.

Begin the journey back to your true self by making mindful commitment to practice the following:

* Tell the truth and let yourself and others know what your truth is.

* Be aware that every day you are making choices, and accept responsibility without       blame for everything happening in your life.

* Give up blame, postpone judgment, and listen and understand before defending or     attacking and making others wrong.

* Envision your ideal self. Keep in mind you are choosing the want you want to be.

* Be in touch with your body. Listen for ever-present clues.

* Question your limiting beliefs. Be aware that any time you tell yourself you cannot do   something, you are right.

* Treat your growth and yourself with respect and patience, rather than irritation and   judgment.

Setting aside time each day for reflection or writing these commitments in your daily ritual are some of the ways you can begin putting these into practice. Otherwise you can become victim of emotional chaos and find yourself believing your choices are limited.

  • Identify when you begin to stray from your genuine character by regularly scrutinize your emotions, thinking and behaviour, and be honest in your appraisal. Are these working for you? Do they support your authentic self? Once a habit or pattern is well developed, it becomes our instinctive behaviour.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and environments. Hostile environments and negative stimuli often produce unhealthy thinking and create lack of confidence.
  • Align your thinking to joyful sense of self. Whatever you think about, worry about, talk about or pay attention to will grow.
  • Create a vision board, design a dream sheet, or write in a journal a clear picture of what you want for the future.

When what you say and what you do are in alignment, you live in harmony with your authentic self and you are well on the way to living with your peaceful heart.

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