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Image: Nikola Tesla

The Serbian-American scientist, who developed alternating current (the AC electricity used today), was not able to stop the Bankers and Business Community from completing the dream he had given them of domination and immense wealth creation by the dependency of the entire planet being charged for the supply of the alternating current we have all become dependent on.

Tesla and his staff took the media and the bankers out to the desert surrounding Colorado Springs where he had built an electronic form of pyramid working as an energy transceiver. He explained that it put energy into the surface of the Earth which could be withdrawn from the Earth’s crust at a distance by tapping into the same frequency. Together with his staff, Tesla successfully lit 200 50watt light bulbs 40 km away from his small tower/pyramid at Colorado Springs. The bankers destroyed it.


Russian Safety Standard: at 30 cm 1.5 mG (milliGaus**) 5 microwatts per square cm

Swedish Safety Standard: at 30 cm 2.5 mG 

Australian Safety Standard 1995  at 30 cm 1.000 mG, 200 microwatts per square cm.     

** milliGauss is the magnetic field emanating from the transmission of electricity scientifically to pass through nearly everything (Tesla’s 2005)

American EPA internal report 1990 titled Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of electromagnetic fields: …”… the investigation found (enough) evidence of a causal link between EMF’s in domestic situations and the incidence of cancers, particular in children, to recommend that EMF’s should be included on the list of class a1 carcinogens…”… 

Dr. Bruce Hocking conducted a health study in a 4 km zone surrounding Sydney TV towers. Though frequencies of transmissions of TV towers and mobile base stations are different, they are closely related on the spectrum. Both are 1.000 times lower than the present Australian standards. 

Dr. Hocking found that children living within the 4 km radius of television towers had a 60 % higher incidence of leukemia than children who lived further from the towers, and there was a far greater risk of dying from the disease. Dr Hocking also found an increase rate of adult cancer in the study area than beyond it. 

Swiss Federal department of the environment report on biological effects of 50Hz alternating current (AC), 1994: …”… the casual link between electromagnetic fields and cancer has been convincingly demonstrated…”… 

Dr. Cherry explains: …”… Australian standards (AS 2772) governing mobile base stations etc. is inadequate because it protects the public from heating association with radiation and not with the more subtle biological effects that are indicated by present research…”…

Are you being affected by a ‘silent killer’?

Geopathic or Electromagnetic Stress

We have the answer! 

In our chaotic world people are constantly searching for a safe haven where they can find peace. Usually people attempt to create this haven in their own home by surrounding themselves with all the latest electrical technology and modern conveniences and having cars with all the creature comforts and computers. But the atmosphere they try to create eludes them. 

They know it is affecting their health; it is unseen and is called alternating current (AC) known as electricity and adding to Geopathic Stress. We have infused the Earth’s atmosphere with these non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (frequencies) that don’t exist in nature. We use all sorts of odd frequencies, e.g. unnatural strength, alternating current, digital signals, without understanding of the full biological effects, on both, the Earth and its inhabitants.

Science now acknowledges many things that are invisible to the senses, and once considered harmless, are now known to be harmful. Communications & electricity have become so much a part of our lives; it is hard to question their unseen effects! Water, containing minerals, is a very efficient conductor of electrical energy.

The human body being approx. 75% mineralized water is a proficient collector and conductor of electrical frequencies. Just as TV and radio reception can be affected by external electrical interference, so too can our body be affected. We humans have a very delicate electrical system, which can be interfered with by our electrical surroundings. This interference can contribute to energy imbalances within our bodies.

Geopathic Stress has been found to be the common factor in most serious long term illnesses and physiological conditions. Various doctors in Europe who between them have investigated over 10.000 cancer patients, found 92 % were living in Geopathic stress environment.

Many people are strongly aware that something is not quite right, they can feel it, but they can never put their finger on it.


What is Geopathic Stress?

• Geo—the Earth

• Pathogenic—creates illness

Geopathic Stress can be from above or below ground


Below Ground Stress:

Dry faults or ley lines (Earth energy lines); underground water (subterranean streams or rivers). Underground water carries Electro Magnetic Frequencies (E.M.F.), a term used to describe the invisible electric and magnetic fields radiating away from man-made alternating electrical current.

Above Ground Stress:

E.M.F. radiate from all electrical appliances in the home, office or factory, in cars, trucks and busses, also overhead tram and train lines. They are also transmitted through the atmosphere from radar, satellites, mobile phone towers, electrical transformers, power lines.

E.M.R. Electro Magnetic Radiation is a term used to describe an invisible form of man-made frequencies, transmitted through the atmosphere, e.g. TV, Radio & Micro waves, Radar, X-rays, etc.

Find the area of Geopathic Stress by having the home assessed and dowsed. Underground water flows freely, including underwater high tension electrical wires, containing naturally occurring salts and minerals; so it is a perfect carrier of electric and magnetic fields which form part of the Geopathic Stress mentioned. Australia has one of the highest occurrences of continuance of underground water veins on Earth, possibly due to the ancient nature of its continent and the extremes in climatic conditions.

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