Quantum Theory of Energy and Vibrations. Welcome to Ancient Wisdom School.

Quantum Theory presents us with a Universe based on energy or frequency, wave forms orchestrated by intelligence or consciousness. We as human beings are the sum of the interpenetrating energy fields which are organized into the form that we call our physical body. It is not just a collection of cells, tissues and organs but a silent flow of non physical life force energy, which is called many things, ki, chi, prana, breath, light or life force energy – the secret of life at this level is that anything in the body can be changed.

Everything in the Universe is in constant motion or vibration and all forms of energy are interrelated and can affect one another. The electro-magnetic field around all living things absorbs and throws off energy as it interacts with information from 'All That Is' in the Universe. The chakras can be referred to as psychic centers that control the emotional reactions created by thoughts and feelings resulting in frequency changes in the vibration of the body. This sets up certain definite effects in the nerves and creates biochemical changes in the cells and physical functioning of the body – either for ease or dis-ease.

Flow in energy is recognised by the nervous system as balance, which reflects in well-being and good health. Pain in the physical body is actually calling attention to the fact that there is a thought form or emotion being held that requires attention and release so healing can take place. If the root cause is not addressed and energetic blocks in the cells continue, disease or physical symptoms will be evident at some time and can manifest in the physical body.

A large majority of people present themselves with pure physical problems and using vibrational therapy will not only improve these conditions very quickly but also work on the energetic aspect of the body for pain release on a deeper level. The body is always working to restore balance and heals itself, given the right condition. Intention to change and a positive attitude helps to create a bridge between the mind and the body.

Marianne established Ancient Wisdom School and presents metaphysics in accordance with the latest discoveries of science, medicine, physics, and ancient wisdom. She has conducted spiritual tours to powerful sites throughout the planet and she can share with you how to tap into the natural forces of the cosmos to align with your own power. On a daily basis she explores the energetic side of the human body and has developed a special interest in the emotional component of illness. It is her desire to reach as many people as she can and teach them how to lift their vibration and find inner peace as we have entered the Age of Light. She made a commitment to help mankind, to be supportive of her students, and also assist the planet’s return to harmony and balance with Tesla’s Innovational Technologies.

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