In Search of a Deeper Order

How to create a path for yourself through a life of chaos.

Life has a way of squeezing us through some challenging processes. It seems like every time we begin to feel secure, life changes again. We enter a new cycle. We find ourselves dealing with endings and new beginnings. We have to let go of the familiar. This leaves us vulnerable to an uncertain future. These crossroads are difficult to handle. We feel out of balance. It feels like fate is against us.

But the truth is, we are our own saviours. The mechanism of the human body is incredible, and the beauty and power of the soul is so vast, it is still a mystery to us. The possibilities folded within the soul are endless. It is when we begin draw from this deep source of wisdom, that we begin to see the deep order to our existence. We realise we have the power to make as much or as little of ourselves as we please.

Our soul is the indestructible, unchanging, eternal part of us. When we stay connected with our inner-self, there is no reason to fear life, because we understand that nothing can truly harm us, so the experience of exploring life becomes more interesting and pleasant.

In order to be at peace with life, we must develop the ability to receive and follow the loving, trusting guidance from within. Then, and only then, can we journey through life with no real fears nipping at our heels.


1) Meditate daily.

2) Go for walks in nature.

3) Read spiritual books you feel drawn to.

4) Write yourself soul notes.

5) Visualisation exercises (sending and receiving).

6) Deep breathing exercises for relaxation and stillness.

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