• Quantum Theory of Energy and Vibrations. Welcome to Ancient Wisdom School.

    Quantum Theory presents us with a Universe based on energy or frequency, wave forms orchestrated by intelligence or consciousness. We as human beings are the sum of the interpenetrating energy fields which are organized into the form that we call our physical body. It is not just a collection of cells, tissues and organs but a silent flow of non physical life force energy, which is called many things, ki, chi, prana, breath, light or life force energy – the secret of life at this level is that anything in the body can be changed.
  • Sacred Sites Around the World - CAMBODIA

    Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Wellness - Buddhist Meditation Techniques ​In Cambodia, Marianne led a small group to Ankor Wat, where they d...
  • Sacred Sites Around the World - MYANMAR

    Sacred Sites Around the World - MYANMAR Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Wellness, Buddhist Meditation Techniques. Marianne has led a group to M...
  • Sacred Sites Around the World - BOLIVIA

    Reconnecting with the Earth, the Cosmos and the Higher Self Lake Titicaca - the Island of the Sun and the Moon. And the Mysterious Tiwanaku. Ma...
  • Sacred Sites Around the World - PERU

    Sacred Sites Around the World - PERU Reconnecting with the Earth, the Cosmos & the Higher Self Marianne has led many group tours to Peru. S...
  • Sacred Sites Around the World - MEXICO

      Sacred Sites Around the World - MEXICO Reconnecting with the Earth, the Cosmos and the Higher Self In Mexico, Marianne gave lectures on the M...
  • Sacred Sites Around the World - EGYPT

    Rebirth, Transformation and the Light of the Spirit Marianne has conducted meditations inside the Great Pyramid at night. Given lectures on the...
  • Tesla's Innovational Technologies

    Fascinating facts about Nikola Tesla, a genius and engineer. 

    The Serbian-American scientist, who developed alternating current (the AC electricity used today), was not able to stop the Bankers and Business Community from completing the dream he had given them of domination and immense wealth creation by the dependency of the entire planet being charged for the supply of the alternating current we have all become dependent on. 

    Tesla and his staff took the media and the bankers out to the desert surrounding Colorado Springs where he had built an electronic form of pyramid working as an energy transceiver. He explained that it put energy into the surface of the Earth which could be withdrawn from the Earth’s crust at a distance by tapping into the same frequency. Together with his staff, Tesla successfully lit 200 50watt light bulbs 40 km away from his small tower/pyramid at Colorado Springs. The bankers destroyed it.

  • Signals in the Night Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla

        The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla and Inter-planetary Radio Contact with an Unknown Source. There is no doubt that Nikola Tesla was a genius i...
  • In Search of a Deeper Order

    In search of a deeper order. How to create a path for yourself through the chaos of life. How to stay efficient in critical situations. By Marianne Winter.
  • The Compassionate Universe - Divine Love is a Sense that's Felt

    The Universe is Alive and Aware. 

    Ask for guidance as to where you need to go, or which path you need to follow now, and you will be guided. Whether you have a life-threatening illness, a marital difficulty, a problem of the will, depression—or whether you are struggling with difficult situations in your chosen area of work— you can start changing now, right in this moment.  You can realign yourself with your deepest longing and the greatest good you have to offer yourself and others. Simply ask for help. Your requests will be answered.